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‘Silence’ Surges With Courage and Determination

Drama R

Just the name Martin Scorsese can draw many movie fans to the theater. Since his Best Director - Motion Picture award nomination of Raging Bull in 1980 to his Best Director and Best Film The Wolf



An Intimate Look at First Lady

Drama R

Jackie is an intimate look at the First Lady immediately after the Dallas assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Caspar Phillipson). Determined for the entire world to see the sadness and the loss of her beloved husband – one




Clever, Funny, Adorable

Animation PG

An energetic entrepreneur koala, Buster Moon (voice of Matthew McConaughey), hasn't had a hit show in his beautiful old theatre for a long time. The bank is threatening foreclosure so Buster decides to hold open auditions

Miss Sloane


Boring and Lacking Appeal

Drama R

It’s the season where we run around to shop, wrap gifts, enjoy parties, send out cards, decorate the house, get a tree; otherwise tire ourselves out. So maybe a few hours in the movie theatre might



Rogue One


Grand Return of Star Wars Epic

Action PG-13

A review of any Star Wars epic is superfluous as the films are always gigantic world-wide hits. The kids who love these movies could care less what critics think, and they are probably correct! A Star



War and Romance Tangle in Zemeckis' Drama

Drama R

Movies about war, no matter what era, continue to draw a big audience. Throw in a romance, maybe a few spies, some great actors, and an award winning director, and it’s a recipe for success.