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Enchanting & Unique for All Ages

Animation PG

Before I watched The Star I had no idea what it was about. Then the movie started, and I realized it was the animated story of the birth of Jesus. Within minutes I was laughing and



Enjoyable Family Movie

Drama PG

R.J. Palacio’s novel Wonder was published in 2013, without any expectations because his story was based on a small boy born with an unusual situation, and the author had no idea how readers might react


Thank You For Your Service


Reveals the Truth

Drama R

For several years now more and more movie’s spotlight has been shed on the real truths of war and our American military who fight for our freedom. As we learned in watching films such as:



A life in 800 words


“We literally show up in the morning and say ‘Who’s dead?’”

That’s former New York Times obituary writer Bruce Weber, describing the beginning of his work day in Vanessa Gould’s Obit.

If this film is any sample; obit writers are a



The Killing of a Sacred Deer


Weird and Fascinating

Drama R

I can say without fear of contradiction that Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Killing of a Sacred Deer is the most unforgettable film of the year. This strange, unsettling film is of a different order even from his



Most of the Film Crew All Women.

Drama R

I have only admiration for the women who have the strength to endure all it takes to become a full-fledged nun. It takes a steel constitution to go through the rigorous curriculum that is required to endure the pain and heartache