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Latest Reviews

12 Strong


9/11 Retaliation

Drama R

For several years now there have been many films about our country at war and the brave men and women who put on that uniform to protect and save our country. 12 Strong (based on

The Post


bold, fascinating, and entertaining

Drama PG-13

Now that the media is being attacked by nefarious leaders, and “Fake News” is applied to legitimate news stories, our freedom of the press is more important than ever. Americans have always been champions of free speech and the ability of


All the Money in the World


Of Greed and Kidnapping

Drama R

“We look like you, but we’re not like you,” says J. Paul Getty’s 16-year-old grandson J. Paul III near the top of Ridley Scott’s All The Money in the World.

The kid’s



Boring, Tedious and Dreary

Drama R

Let’s face it; Matt Damon is one of those actors who can play any man in a feature film. So of course I was intrigued to see Downsizing and how he played the character of



I, Tonya


Spellbound Spins and Jumps

Drama PG-13

There is much to love about ice skating; the style, the grace, and amazing techniques that continue to thrill us as we watch talented skaters conquer the ice. Stars such as Scott Hamilton, Tara Lipinsky, Katarina Witt and Kurt Browning have

Disaster Artist



Drama R

Actor/ Director James Franco have created as unique a character as Johnny Depp did with his Jack Sparrow creation in the Prates of the Caribbean films. In this real-life true story of g actors Tommy Wiseau (Franco) and Greg Sestero (brother