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Latest Reviews

The Case for Christ


Journey of an Atheist Journalist

Biography PG

In the past few weeks I have attended several films based on true stories and each with a faith element. Not only have I enjoyed them, but been exceptionally pleased that the theaters were full. The Case

The Promise


A Stunning Story and Remarkable Production

Drama PG-13


The Promise, another film based on a true story,was so captivating I saw it twice. It's about the war between the Turks and the Armenians right before WW1. Mikael Boghosian (Oscar Isaac)




Funny, Charming, Eye-opening

Drama PG-13


Adding a brilliant child prodigy to a movie can be an interesting, entertaining, and surprising element. This is the case for Fox Searchlight’s movie Gifted. Frank Adler (Chris Evans) finds himself in a serious

The Ottoman Lieutenant


Romantic True War Story

Action R


The Ottoman Lieutenant is the first movie to explore the eastern front of World War I. Young Lillie (Hera Hilmar) is not happy with what’s happening in the USA. She longs to be a nurse but can’t find a job here.





For Cat Lovers


“In Istanbul, the cat is more than just a cat. The cat embodies the indescribable chaos, the culture, and the uniqueness that is the essence of Istanbul.” _Y. Barlas

Cats are my

Beauty and the Beast


As Good as a Broadway Show

Fantasy PG-13

Although Disney has released a slew of movies and DVDs about Beauty and the Beast, there is always a new generation ready to indulge in the heart-felt story of heart over beauty. Some may ask how they can improve the 1991