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The Ottoman Lieutenant


Romantic True War Story

Action R

The Ottoman Lieutenant is the first movie to explore the eastern front of World War I. Young Lillie (Hera Hilmar) is not happy with what’s happening in the USA. She longs to be a nurse but



For Cat Lovers


“In Istanbul, the cat is more than just a cat. The cat embodies the indescribable chaos, the culture, and the uniqueness that is the essence of Istanbul.” _Y. Barlas

Cats are my


The Shack


unravels with intrigue and mystery

Drama PG

When it was announced that the movie The Shack would open this March there were many reactions in chat rooms about this story. Many friends and colleagues told me they read the book self-published by author William P. Young in 2007.

A United Kingdom


Historical Drama That Stirs Hearts

Biography PG-13

What is better than a true story that seems as though it could never happen? In director Amma Assante’s A United Kingdom, we have the makings of a fairy tale romance, backstage machinations of evil government henchmen, and the sweep of



Get Out


Hate Horror Films? See This One

Comedy R

I generally avoid horror films at all costs. I figure there’s enough of that in the daily news; adding fictional horror hardly seems necessary.

But I’ll make an exception for Get Out, Jordan Peele’s smart, funny and yes, creepy going-to-meet-the-parents thriller that

Live-Action Shorts


Short Shots


Live-Action Shorts

Current events have clearly influenced two of this year’s final five live-action shorts. But my favorites are about a choir and a pair of parking garage security guards.


association of women film journalists


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