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Latest Reviews

The Great Wall


A Whale of a Tale

Action PG-13

The smashing IMAX 3D action adventure film The Great Wall is pure entertainment, fun and fantasy! We wonder how Matt Damon (as William Garin) ended up in Qingdao, China and on top of The Great Wall

Antarctica: Ice and Sky


Discoveries Under the Ice


Glaciologist Claude Lorius found his life’s work in 1955 when he signed on for a scientific expedition to Antarctica as part of the International Geophysical Year. He would spend a winter with two companions in




‘Silence’ Surges With Courage and Determination

Drama R

Just the name Martin Scorsese can draw many movie fans to the theater. Since his Best Director - Motion Picture award nomination of Raging Bull in 1980 to his Best Director and Best Film The Wolf



An Intimate Look at First Lady

Drama R

Jackie is an intimate look at the First Lady immediately after the Dallas assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Caspar Phillipson). Determined for the entire world to see the sadness and the loss of her beloved husband – one



Hidden Figures


Inspiring & Uplifting

Foreign PG

Those who read my movie reviews know I love films based on true stories. Many often amaze me that I have not heard that story. Hidden Figures relates the crucial history of an elite team of



Wonderfully Inspiring

Drama PG-13

With the Critics, Golden Globe and studio bombardment of potential films competing for Academy Awards choosing a good movie to see might be difficult. Lion is a true story that happened to Saroo (Sunny Pawar), a