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Publishing today is not like the old days - submit - wait - submit - wait.

     New technologies allow authors to have their books in print within weeks.

SP Press offers Publishing Solutions for talented authors who:

Wish to avoid the traditional submission-rejection process.

Want to retain control of their content and design.

May plan on marketing their book themselves.

Need assistance in turning their dream into reality.



Since there are endless possibilities for self-publishing, authors need to find a company that will look after their best interest.

A company that offers quality products at reasonable prices.

Many self-publishers speak double-talk. While you may think you're getting a deal, in fact you may not be.

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ABOUT  US     

SANDS Publishing, parent company of SP Press, an Independent Publisher of nonfiction and fiction books, was founded in 2001, The company objective is to provide a quality read with every book. 

In 2003, SANDS decided to reach out to talented authors who had been unsuccessful in chasing traditional publishing venues by providing a practical and affordable alternative. SP Press is available to all authors who's work is found to be publishable during our submission evaluation process. 

In 2007, SANDS discontinued its traditional publishing arm. Each SP Press title is published under the parent company name and ISBN, and copyrighted in the name of the author.

Sandy Scoville

Sandy Scoville is CEO of SANDS Publishing, parent company of SP Press. Prior to her collaboration with Diana Saenger, she was a designer/editor with ASN Publishing for fourteen years. Many of the designs she developed for ASN (now owned by DRG) remain classics, and are still being sold in major bookstores. Most of her work is also available online. Search for her by name at and

Scoville entered publishing after several years in the San Diego independent banking community. An officer with La Jolla Bank and Trust Co. and Scripps Bank, she developed and taught numerous bank-related courses, and wrote personnel and operational manuals.

She authored two fiction books, and as a long-time member of Romance Writers of America, she served two terms as Treasurer for the San Diego Chapter.

Recognized internationally as a leading designer in the needlecraft field, Scoville's current publisher Martingale and Company has released 10 of her major collections,

several having reached best-seller stats. Her current release, SWEET BABY CROCHET, co-authored by Denise Black, is now on bookshelves. Learn more about her needleart at:

With her Business partner, Diana Saenger, she's co-editor of Glory, A Nation's Spirit Defeats the Attack on America.

Scoville has dabbled in online radio, occasionally writes business articles and reviews books for several publications, and is fast becoming a darned good poker player.


Diana Saenger

Diana Saenger is President of SANDS Publishing, parent company of SP Press. She’s also the entertainment editor of the East County Gazette, theater critic for two San Diego newspapers and five online; and theatrical critic for UT’s Community newspaper La Jolla Light.  She operates her own entertainment syndicate, Saenger Syndicate and online sites and She has sold more than 1,000 short stories, articles or features to newspapers and magazines.

Called a roving film historian by Fox Studio Classics, Saenger was a guest panelist at the Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival in Athens Georgia four years.

An award winning journalist for more than 25 years, Saenger has won numerous awards with California Media Professionals, San Diego Press Club and the National Federation of Press Women. She is past president of So. California Media Professionals, past president and co-founder of the San Diego Film Critic’s Society, and the author of Everyone Wants My Job: the ABC's of Entertainment Writing, The Vietnam War: Life As A POW, From Guadalcanal to Hemet, co-editor of Glory, A Nation’s Spirit Defeats the Attack on America, and author of a Romance novella Deadline Romance, which took first place in the 2013 Global Awards.

Saenger was  nominated in 2008 by California State Assemblyman Joel Anderson for "Woman of the Year" for CA's 77th District, and was the cover lead story in the Oct. 2016 Alpine Neighbors Magazine.



SANDS Publishing received major press coverage after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 with the release of their book "GLORY: A Nation Defeats the Attack on America." The book, a collection of personal accounts of the attack, won two 1st Place Awards in the California Media Professionals 2002 Communications Contest. News of the book appeared in national magazines, was highlighted on a national TV shows and Saenger and Scoville were sought by many radio shows for live interviews.

National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest - 2002 1st place for media kit: GLORY: A Nation's Spirit Defeats the Attack on America, published by SANDS Publishing.

Author Pinkie Paranya's RAVEN WOMAN was named a finalist in ForeWord Magazine's 2003 BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR awards.

SANDS was awarded the Independent Publisher Achievement first place award along with four book finalist placements in The Digital Literature Institute 2002 Independent e-Book Awards.

Finalists were: Best Romance - Fool's Paradise by Cynthia VanRooy, San Diego, California

Best Inspirational - From The Ashes by Janet W. Butler, Chicago, Illinois

Best Cover Artist (awarded for body of work) - Diana Saenger, Alpine, California

WINNER! Independent Publisher Achievement - Sands Publishing LLC, Diana Saenger and Sandy Scoville, Publishers, Alpine, California

California Media Professionals - 2006 1st place for editing, 1st place for media kit prepared for SP Press author Bill Seaton (MY SEVEN YEARS IN CAPTIVITY).

National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest - 2006 1st place for editing MY SEVEN YEARS IN CAPTIVITY.