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Review Express owner, reviewer Diana Saenger has a new romance ebook novella out. It's part of a five book series The New Year's Eve Club. Diana's book Deadline:Romance took 1st Place (GOLD) in the 2013 Global Ebook Awards ROMANCE - CONTEMPOARY category.

Five Women, One Night, One Year To Get It Right.

Art imitates life when five authors recreate the true life events of Jill Limber's goddaughter and her friends when, one night, they put together a list for the perfect man.   In our five novellas, five lifelong friends are back together at New Year’s Eve for the first time since they created their list ten years ago. Examining their love lives, or lack thereof, they decide they need to revamp their list, then challenge each other to find their perfect man in one year's time.   

First up is Jill Limber’s Loving Mick, Next up is Jackie Allen’s A Real Man both of these are available now at  

Third in the series is Terry Blain’s Sarah’s Cowboy, followed by (mine) Deadline Romance and the series conclusion with Teresa Carpenter’s Chef’s Delight.  

Deadline: Romance  - Emma has met Mr. Right, but dotcom millionaire Daniel first has to learn how to let go before he can lead Emma out of her fear of the future and into the miracle of the moment. 

Check out this series to see who finds Mr. Perfect. 

$2.99 Order from Boroughspublishinggroup; Amazon; Barnes & Noble