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Miss Sloane


Boring and Lacking Appeal

Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: R
for language and some sexuality
Runtime: 132 minutes
Our Rating:
Directed by: John Madden
Cast: Jessica Chastain, John Lithgow,
Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Mark Strong,
Review by Diana Saenger

It’s the season where we run around to shop, wrap gifts, enjoy parties, send out cards, decorate the house, get a tree; otherwise tire ourselves out. So maybe a few hours in the movie theatre might bring some well-deserved getaway and make us relax.

Unfortunately for me, Miss Sloane did just the opposite. I was looking forward to seeing this political thriller starring Oscar –nominated actress Jessica Chastain (Help, Zero Dark Thirty) as Elizabeth Sloane, a D. C. lobbyist.

Right off the bat we learn she is a woman with a mission; and it’s all about gun-control. New legislation is pending that would require more stringent background checks for gun ownership. Members of Congress are getting together to either wholeheartedly support the bill or try to see it fail. When Sloane is approached to spearhead a campaign, she immediately says yes.

It’s not long before she reveals for her it’s not about who wins, but who will pay her the most and give her the satisfaction of winning. This simple motive drags on and on in the film.  She agrees to side with one side, and gathers a team who all respect her at first. But as she starts neglecting Senate ethics rules, turning on some of her teammates and just being pure rude and demanding, her plan begins to fall apart. At one time she even goes to prison for a while.

That’s no problem as the lobbyist on the other side of the gun bill eventually entices her to come work for them. This creates a huge reaction from her teammates, a few who follow her and the others not believing anything she says and felling used.

The story continues following Elizabeth through parties and meetings and lying to everyone, and even hiring a male companion at night to ease her days work. Eventually she ends up in several court appearances where Congressman Ron M. Sperling (John Lithgow) aims to unveil the real Miss Sloane who only has her own agenda at heart.

Alison Pill and Jessica Chastain

Watching Chastain be hurtful, deliberately making her comrades think she was more than she appeared to be, and not even care when she almost got one of those team members killed, was not enjoying. Most people who watch movies need to be able to like, sympathize or care about a character to enjoy the film. I found nothing about Miss Sloane to like or care about.

It also didn’t help that each time she switched sides she was lobbing for, there were loud arguments and bantering back and forth over and over. I feel sorry Chastain chose this film, because it’s borrowing except the last few minutes; but that’s not worth the money or the 132 minutes to watch it.

Photo Credits: Kerry Hayes/Europa via AP


Recommended Audience:
Those who want to nap in the theater