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The Wedding Plan


A Fresh Look at Quick Decisions

Genre: Romance Comedy
MPAA Rating: PG-13
for thematic elements
Studio: Roadside Attractions
Runtime: 110 minutes
Our Rating:
Directed by: Rama Burshtein
Cast: Dafi Alferon, Noa Koler, Oded Leopold
Review by Diana Saenger

Michal (Noa Kooler) is an Orthodox Jewish woman. For years she has watched her friends find relationships. She has decided now it’s her time. She’s so sure it will happen soon, however right before the big day the groom to-be, alerts her he doesn’t want to marry her.

While most women left at the altar would be devastated, Michal is even more determined to have her wedding.  Michal thinks God will provide her a husband if she just continues with her wedding plans.

Her friends and sisters remain close to her and encourage her it will happen. Meanwhile her mother is so embarrassed she stays out of the public eye.

Eventually Michal finds a few possibilities. She dates a man who refuses to look at her; a deaf psychologist, who she insults with her honesty, and really likes pop star Yos (Oz Zehavi). He listens to her thoughts and reasoning of why she is so sure the right man will show up on the exact day she has reserved. Yos likes her, and at one point even agrees to marry her. However, Michal thinks he’s making fun of her and dismisses her.

As time gets nearer to the big day Michal starts to worry. Ready to almost lose her faith, she is about to forget her idea. Her friends get close to her and encourage her. But the day she is waiting sitting in her wedding gown with nothing but silence from everyone invited, she may be ready to give up.

This is a sweet and interesting film, and I enjoyed learning more about Israel marriages. The Wedding Plan now playing at Landmark Theater in Hillcrest.

Photo Credit: Roadside Attractions

Recommended Audience:
Those who like to explore other places